Services We Provide

Building Works


We offer a wide range of building works such as Mastic works, Pointing, Fitting Windows, Painting and Repair works, all done by our skilled tradesmen.

Window Cleaning


Our services range from traditional window cleaning to rope access using any method the client desires including a reach and wash system. Many of our clients come from a commercial perspective but we're happy to accommodate to residential too.

Bird Proofing


We provide all types of bird proofing including, netting, bird spikes and bird wire. We can install on roofs, ledges and balconies to prevent nesting or inconveniences.

Eyebolt Installation


Our certificated and trained professionals can install eye bolts wherever needed. As eye bolts are required to be tested every 6 months. we also offer this service on a one off of a contractual basis 



 We offer any inspection services from a great height all the way to the ground. If you're worried about loose bricks, windows or cladding we're happy to take a look. You can never be too safe when it comes to your building structure and anyone that is in it or surrounding it.